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 Drazen Tor: A little bit about me =)

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Drazen Tor
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Advanced Member

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PostSubject: Drazen Tor: A little bit about me =)   Mon Apr 05, 2010 1:57 pm

Greetings to all I am Drazen Tor from a small township called Harken Glenn south of the city of Illuminaire, I was once a young master crafter but had my heartbroken. To assuage the pain I joined a mercenary company that fell apart due to internal rivalries. In my travels over the realm of Riacca I was taking a transport to Teos when a storm struck our vessel. In time I ended up Keo where I wandered the lands and was part of several guilds...now I am a...here.

heh you really want to know me then ask

Drazen Tor

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Drazen Tor: A little bit about me =)
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