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 Guild banner and GRB points

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PostSubject: Guild banner and GRB points   Mon Mar 15, 2010 3:12 pm

Hi all, just a thought but as Guild is getting bigger and more new people on KOH banner is causing some questions.
So quick and easy way is to explain why.
Awhile ago the older guildies was in the guild called KOH, but due to a split in ideas of where the guild was going some went to ET and some of us formed the HK guild as the current leader would not step down but kicked all the members out of the KOH guild...Sad but true..
Should we change this sites banner to HK.....i do not know, what do you think?
Can we change the site banner?
Or are we happy as it stands.

Whilst on might as well explain why we have not liquid merchant too.
Due to only getting 7th place in grb points we lost the use of the merchant.
We need as many people as possible to attend the GRB on saturday it is that important we need points to keep guild house going and if we are to improve what we have we need more points. Other guilds are passing us and getting top 30k and 40k because they have more people doing the GRB.
Two groups need 25-30 toons and 40-60 toons. Every point now is getting precious. It last for one hour.
Etin and gold donation are also need, we collect those on saturday too every little helps. We know some of you are new to this but other guilds are a lot more strict on donations and entry into there guild, we never have been and we believe this guild to be an open guild for anyone to come too regardless of mode, lvl, and where you live as long as you behave, help the guild/guildies, and do not disrespect the guild.
Thanks for reading...
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PostSubject: Hello!   Wed Apr 14, 2010 7:49 pm

Hi, I'm Gre, one of the merging TLEers. I just wanted to place my vote as an HK noob for updating the banner. I'm not great at graphics, but I'm happy to help the guild in any way I can. I wanted to touch base before GRB to see what class/lvl toons would be most beneficial. I can bring two (two comps and a dtoid account LOL). I have a variety of level 30 toons I made for our GRBs so just let me know what would be most helpful so I can make sure I get them in guild (the leftovers are going to pvp) before Saturday. I'm a faithful GRBer (only missed one since GRBs started LOL).

Thanks and see you in game!
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Guild banner and GRB points
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