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 I won't be on Teos so much anymore...

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PostSubject: I won't be on Teos so much anymore...   Thu Jan 21, 2010 2:44 am

Hey all, I've started at Shaiya Evolution now, and since I think it's more fun and stuff, I won't be on Teos so much anymore, but I might check in sometimes to c if everything is alrdight with u =)

Well atm I'm lvl 59 soon 60 DM (Demigod Mode = Ultimate mode, just lil diff with stats/skill -points) and I'm a pagan named Mr.Kiv at Fury, feel free to pm me if u play there.

This far I've seen Rikku in AH with her fighter, and her priest in PvP 1-60, which I've felled in love too Wink

Well I'll post the link if any1 more than me wanna try it out =D


Have fun all and take care!!!

Roger and out //Pzy aka Mr.Kiv
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I won't be on Teos so much anymore...
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